Integration of mobile robots into virtual reality

  • Subject:Applied robotics of the automation industry
  • Type:Bachelor Thesis
  • Supervisor:

    Witucki, Linus

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  • Automated integration of mobile robot platforms into virtual reality based on uniform data formats


Modern production plants would be inconceivable without robots such as automated guided vehicles (see Figure 1). Robots take over repetitive or force-intensive tasks. Functional digital twins are used to test and simulate motion sequences. These can represent not only the robot but also a physical environment. Thus, motion sequences with object manipulation can be fully represented. For this purpose, so-called "physics engines" are used. To make the interaction with the simulation as intuitive as possible, methods of virtual reality can be used.


The goal of the thesis is to create a parameterizable CAD model of a standard fork. This model should then be fitted into a measured point cloud. The parameters of the fork should represent production-relevant variables such as the distance between the tines and the cable entry point. The results of the fitting are the production-relevant parameters, as well as the transformation matrix of the fork.

Helpful previous knowledge

For the processing of the thesis the following previous knowledge is helpful:

  • Optimization
  • Image processing
  • ROS
Figure 1: Driverless transport system
Figure 2: Unity