Evaluation of technologies for tracking non-intelligent assets

  • Subject:Asset management in modular plants
  • Type:Bachelor Thesis
  • Supervisor:

    Madsen, Marwin

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  • In this thesis, existing technologies for tracking non-intelligent assets are to be evaluated and, based on this, a prototype is to be created in the VT system.


The process industry is characterized, among other things, by exact specifications for the formulation of a product manufactured using process technology (e.g. medication). This also includes the configuration and parameters of the system on which production takes place. In contrast to monolithic systems, configurations for production in modular systems are changed several times and often in order to manufacture the desired, partially individualized product. This involves exchanging modules, which is made possible by developments relating to the Module Type Package (MTP), as well as exchanging or changing parameters or assets. Currently, everything that can be recorded by sensors is tracked and documented with regard to its changes.

At the same time, however, changes are also made that are not automatically recorded because they are either not recorded by sensors and/or are made manually by people. This poses a problem in practice, as key aspects associated with the necessary flexibility cannot be tracked by the system.


The aim of this work is to evaluate existing technologies within and outside the domain of the process industry for tracking non-intelligent assets in the context of these. The asset refers to the level of a plant component such as an agitator. Based on this, a prototype is to be created in the IRS plant for validation.

Real Time Location System (RTLS)
Process Equipment Assembly (PEA) - VT module