Development: Digital twin in practice! (Electroplating technology)

  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:nach Absprache
  • Supervisor:

    Dorn, Moritz

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  • Development of a domain-specific digital constraint based on the asset administration shell.


The great challenge of digitalization is to control the exchange of information made possible by it. Communication between all systems is therefore only the first step towards Industry 4.0. Much more important are the properties of communication, such as stability, quality of information and information models, interoperability of interfaces and generalization of information models. One approach to standardizing these criteria is the asset administration shell (see Figure 1). This is a central interface for all information in a system that is sufficient for the requirements. An administration shell in which the information model is stored is therefore very important for the creation of a modular digital twin.


An administration shell for a galvanic unit (see Figure 2) is to be developed and implemented as a prototype. On the one hand, implementation options must be researched and compared. On the other hand, the existing information model must be checked and separated into meaningful submodels using model libraries. When implementing the asset administration shell, the connection to live data does not have to be implemented, but must be taken into account in the future. The functionality is validated using a simple client that can be provided with test data from the asset administration shell.

Helpful prior knowledge

The following prior knowledge is helpful for working on the thesis:

  • General programming knowledge is necessary
  • Experience useful with one of C++, Java, Python, C# or Rust
  • Affinity for automation technology
  • Lecture Cyber Physical Productionsystems useful
Figure 1: Logo Asset Administration Shell
Figure 2: Galvanic unit with extensive sensor technology, chemically complex behavior and programmable logic controller (PLC)