Development: Information model of an electroplating unit!

  • Type:Bachelorarbeit
  • Date:nach Absprache
  • Supervisor:

    Dorn, Moritz


The great challenge of digitalization is to control the exchange of information that it enables.
Communication between all systems is therefore only the first step towards Industry 4.0.
Much more important are the properties of communication, such as stability, quality of information and information models, interoperability of interfaces and generalization of information models.
In order for a galvanic unit (see Figure 1) to be integrated into a digitized production plant, a holistic information model must be created for it.
The information model contains all the information about a process technology system.
Without an information model, serious digital twins are inconceivable.


An information model is to be created for a galvanic unit.
To do this, the galvanic unit must be analyzed and understood.
In addition, research must be carried out into what information is available about the individual components of an exemplary unit and whether similar information models have been researched.
All information that can be found must be mapped in order to categorize it into meaningful groups.
To validate the information model, a simple application is to be created with which the information model can be explored.

Helpful prior knowledge

  • Basic information technology and programming skills.
  • Enjoy conceptual thinking and working.
  • Interest in process and automation technology.
  • Lecture Cyber Physical Productionsystems useful.
Galvanic unit with extensive sensor technology, chemically complex behavior and programmable logic controller (PLC) memory