M. Sc. Lukas Kölsch

  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
    Campus Süd
    Institut für Regelungs- und Steuerungssysteme
    Geb. 11.20 (Engler-Villa)
    Kaiserstr. 12
    D-76131 Karlsruhe

Curriculum Vitae

Studies of electrical engineering and information technology at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Bachelor’s thesis at the Institute of Control Systems on algebraic identification of fractional systems (2013). Work in the “Plant Optimization” group of Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) AG. Master’s thesis at the IRS on convex operation optimization of multi-domain energy grids.

Since May 2016, member of the scientific staff of IRS.


Stability and fail-safe operation of distributed multimodal energy grids

Due to market-related and political requirements, conventional power plants are gradually replaced by regenerative energy producers. This results in an increasing volatility in the power grid. Power input over the day is increasingly difficult to predict, difficult to control, and has a high slew rate. By interconnecting in a multimodal grid the electric power distribution grid with the local natural gas and heat grids or other power grids, if applicable, imbalances between generation and consumption can be balanced across domain limits. At the same time, synergy effects result as regards the optimal overall operation point compared to the optimal points of the separate individual grids.

It is not yet clear, however, whether and to what an extent such an interconnection has a stabilizing or destabilizing effect on the individual domains and their stabilization mechanisms. This can be found out by a generalized robustness analysis of the overall grid taking into account the heterogeneous systems dynamics of the individual domains and energy converters. Research is aimed at developing generic systems theory methods to assess the stability and failure safety of multimodal power grids.



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