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Project Description

To reach the objectives specified by the Federal Government for an energy transition by 2050, fundamental changes of the energy system will be required. Within the framework of the Kopernikus project “New Power Grid Structures for the Energy Turnaround (ENSURE),” stable and reliable structures for tomorrow’s energy supply are to be studied and identified. In addition, the project focuses on the design of reliable and efficient system control mechanism and the integration of new technologies into the supply system. For the comprehensive analysis of socio-economic impacts, all stakeholders are integrated into this process. 


Innovative Approach

The project concentrates on studying the allocation of centralized and decentralized energy supply elements in an ideal supply system and their coordination by novel systems control concepts. The control mechanisms and new technologies developed first will be integrated in a large scale demonstrator.


Project Duration:

September 01, 2016 - August 31, 2019

Project Partners:

Core partners: KIT, ABB AG, E.ON, RWTH Aachen University, Siemens AG, Tennet TSO GmbH, and 17 other project partners

Funded by:


Contact Persons:

Stefan Krebs, Jona Maurer

Project Video:

https://www.kopernikus-projekte.de/projekte/neue-netzstrukturen (in German only)


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