Mechatronik und Informationstechnik (Mechatronics and Information Technology) – Inter-departmental Program of KIT

Tomorrow’s innovations in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering as future-oriented branches of industry and their applications in automotive industry, production technology or medical engineering will have more and increasingly complex functionalities. In future, products will consist of numerous of interconnected mechanical, electric, and IT components. Their functionalities will result from the interaction of all subsystems. Due to their high complexity, their production will require an interdisciplinary design and construction process.

Courses of the Bachelor’s Program

The Institute of Control Systems offers the basic compulsory lecture on System Dynamics and Control (“Systemdynamik- und Regelungstechnik”) in the bachelor’s program. Together with the Institute of Product Engineering, the interdepartmental lecture Mechatronic Systems and Products (“Mechatronische Systeme und Produkte”), a classical lecture combined with a workshop, is offered. For further specialization, students are free to attend the course Practical Design of Control Systems (“Praktischer Entwurf Regelungstechnischer Systeme”).

Lectures Semester SWS ECTS
Systemdynamik- und Regelungstechnik SS 4 6
Mechatronische Systeme und Produkte WS 4 6
Praktischer Entwurf Regelungstechnischer Systeme WS 2+1 6

Modules of the Master’s Program

Apart from the compulsory lecture Control of Linear Multi-variable Systems (“Regelung linearer Mehrgrößensysteme”), the Institute of Control Systems also offers courses in the three elective modules of Control Technology in Mechatronics (“Regelungstechnik in der Mechatronik”), Industry Automation (“Industrieautomation”), and Robotics (“Robotik”). More information on the specializations can be found in the program’s module manual.

The course advisor can accept other courses offered by the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, or Informatics as elective modules. In any case, the course chosen should fit to the specialization selected.


Regelungstechnik in der Mechatronik


Lectures Semester SWS ECTS
Optimization of Dynamic Systems WS 2+1 5
Verteilte ereignisdiskrete Systeme SS 2 4
Kognitive Systeme SS 4 6
Nichtlineare modellprädiktive Regelung SS 2 4
1 WS/SS 4 6
Labor Regelungssystemdesign1 SS 4+1 6+3SQ
Praktikum Rechnergestützte Verfahren in der Mess- und Regelungstechnik1 WS 4+1 6+3SQ
Add-on Modules     10
Sum   15 35
Add-on Modules Semester SWS ECTS
SS 2 3
Modellbildung und Identifikation WS 2+1 4
Nichtlineare Regelungssysteme SS 2 3
SS 2 3



Lectures Semester SWS ECTS
Optimization of Dynamic Systems WS 2+1 5
Grundlagen der technischen Logistik WS 4 6
Materialfluss in Logistiksystemen WS 3 6
Sichere Mechatronische Systeme WS/SS 3 4
Mechatronik-Praktikum1 WS 3 6
Praktikum Dezentral gesteuerte Intralogistiksysteme1 SS 2 3
Plug-and-Play-Fördertechnik1 SS 2 3
Praktikum Mechatronische Messsysteme1 SS 3 6
Add-on Modules     8-10
Sum   16 35
Add-on Modules Semester SWS ECTS
SS 2 3



Lectures Semester SWS ECTS
Robotik I: Einführung in die Robotik WS 2 6
Robotik II: Humanoide Robotik SS 2 3
Robotik III: Sensoren in der Robotik SS 2 3
Optimization of Dynamic Systems WS 2+1 5
Roboterpraktikum1 SS 4 6
Projektpraktikum Robotik und Automation I1 WS/SS 4 6
Projektpraktikum Robotik und Automation II1 WS/SS 4 6
Add-on Modules     12
Sum   13 35
Add-on Modules Semester SWS ECTS
Nichtlineare Regelungssysteme SS 2 3

1to attend alternatively