Prof. Dr.-Ing Jürgen Beyer

  • Fritz-Haber-Weg 1
    Geb. 30.33
    76131 Karlsruhe


Nationality: German;

Date of birth: 22.05.1959;

  • Control science and engineering, smart systems, navigation, agrarian-, road-, rail- and air-traffic, economic transport, electro-mobility, supply chain management;
  • Initiation, supervision and support of innovative research and pilot projects;

  • Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in Control Engineering, TU Darmstadt (1987);
  • Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) in fault-tolerant Navigation, TU Darmstadt (1993);
  • Manager, Honeywell Regelsysteme GmbH, Maintal, Germany (1987-1998);
  • Director, DE-Consult Deutsche Eisenbahn Consulting GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany (1999-2005), Technical Innovation/Consulting, Power of Attorney;
  • Vice-President, PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG, Karlsruhe, Germany (2005-2012), Innovation and New Business, Power of Attorney;
  • Founder and Principal, Nav42, innovative projects, Lorsch, Germany (since 2013);
  • Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany (since 2019), Bauhaus.MobilityLab, Scientific Advisor;

  • Chairman of the German Institute of Navigation (DGON) scientific advisory board (2009-2014), Vice-Chairman (since 2014), Chairman of the European Navigation Conference ENC 2020;
  • Member of the German governments National Platform Electro-Mobility (2010-2012);
  • Member of the German Association for Agriculture (DLG e.V.) expert board for automatic steering systems (2016-2020);

  • Lecturer at TU Darmstadt (since 1999), Professor hon. TU Darmstadt (2006);
  • Visiting Professor, railway traffic control, Istanbul University, Turkey (2010);
  • Lecturer at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (since 2013);
  • Lecturer at the Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam (2014-2016);
  • Lecturer at the Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand (2014-2016);


  • Navigationssysteme für den Straßen- und Schienenverkehr