Workshops, Engineering- & IT-Department

Werkstatt & IT

Overall management workshops, engineering- & IT-department:
Dr. Armin Teltschik

The integrated mechanical workshop of the IRS is a joint workshop for the chairs of the IRS as well as for the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBT). The workshop is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of the electrical and mechanical facilities. Together with the scientific staff and graduate students, respective projects are realized and existing equipment is regularly checked.


Mechanical Workshop

From the idea to the finished structure. As a research workshop, the project ideas of the scientists, which are usually only described in sketches, are checked by us for feasibility and modeled in 3D CAD. The construction by skilled workers, who later also program the CNC machines, guarantees an optimal manufacturing process. Different materials such as metal, wood, carbon, plastic are used depending on the requirements for an optimal end product.

Reiner Bindschädel (Workshop management)
Eric Hoffner (Deputy workshop management)

Electronics Workshop & Engineering

The tasks of the Electronics Workshop & Technology are many and varied. They include e.g.:

  • Purchase and configuration of PC hardware
  • PCB layout and assembly
  • Wiring of experimental setups for research and education
  • Setting up, testing and repairing practical experiments in the teaching department

Bernhard Bader
Pascal Bouquet


The IT department ensures the availability, data security and periodic maintenance and updating of all relevant hardware and software components at the institute. Tasks also include maintenance of the web presence, implementation and maintenance of database systems for managing processes at the institute, and configuration of the software of all experimental facilities. The IT department is also always available to answer questions from students and staff regarding hardware and software.

Hartmut Jung
Illia Altmann
Armin Teltschik