Institute of Control Systems (IRS)

Jobs for Student Assistants

If you are interested in a job as a Student Assistant, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Student assistant wanted for the redesign of the lecture Modellbildung und Identifikation (MI)

Short Description

  • PDF of the advertisment
  • Start: ca. 15th February until 15th May 2021 (3 month)
  • Duration: 100 hours in 3 month
  • Requirements
    • good knowledge in English and German
    • experience in the design of  PPT-Slides
    • Creative, independent and thorough work
    • Successful completion of the MI lecture not necessary, but helpful
  • Contact: felix.strehle∂

Abroad Research Internships / Master Theses

Short Description

  • PDF of the advertisment
  • Start: variable, from summer/autumn 2021 at the earliest
  • Duration: 4 to 6 month
  • Requirements
    • Enrollment in the Master program of ETIT or MIT
    • Solid knowledge in modeling and identification, state space methods and optimization, e.g. from the IRS lectures MI, RLM and ODS/ORS
    • Proficient English speaking and writing skills
  • Contact: Dr.-Ing. Jairo Inga


Student assistants wanted for long-term support in the area of further development of a work machine simulator for testing cooperative control procedures

Short Description